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Rural gravity (Newton's lesser known law)

Observation courtesy of @cow_cheese_lover First year without both Mom and Dad; today is their wedding anniversary and makes me miss them even more. 
Photos circa 1982-1983, courtesy of big brother Rick Presnell Elevator labyrinth... Mixed messages... Say "Uncle"... @cow_cheese_lover William Lloyd Presnell:  His life continues to inform and inspire my own.  I am so proud and thankful he was my Dad and that I get to carry his name... Donald Lloyd Presnell
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Friday Fotos & Funnies: “healthy choices” edition

Mixed messages:


Monday Meme: Squidward edition

Squidward meme

Funny Friday: Mail Math edition




Friday Foto Funny: Ferry edition

Ferry line formations


Monday Meme: tortuga edition

I had just finished my Saturday morning walk when this visitor appeared on the roadside:


Turtle meme

Funny Friday Foto: “literary seafood pun” edition

Noon search for lunch at the beach results in a seafood Catch-22:


Wednesday Words-day: Road trip edition

During a recent drive to Florida and back, I noticed this road sign, which gave me something to think about while driving a LONG time.  I imagined the lexicographical possibilities:

  • “Canadys”:  plural noun, perhaps Deep Southern for “more than one Canada” or “more than one Canadian.”  Examples:  “I didn’t know there were two Canadys.”  Or, “Those Canadys have different ways of playing baseball.


  • “Canadys”:  plural noun, perhaps Deep Southern for references to the Kennedy family.  Example:  “Those Canadys sure were a political bunch.”


  • “Canadys”:  name of a town in South Carolina that I have no idea how to pronounce. 

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