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Utility Pole Rorschach

I took a walk up the road and what did I see?

Two faces staring back at me…

from a utility pole.

Stare at the picture below, and see what you see (or maybe what I see) and think…or maybe even something else:

  1. An owl that could have been painted by Picasso or Munch.

  2. A lunatic that could have been painted by Picasso or Munch.

  3. A utility pole: “Really? You stare at utility poles when you walk?”






Monday Musings: “Scriptural Cereal” edition

I’ll give the makers of this cereal points for originality and biblical literacy.

I’d even like to try a bowl; it looks delicious.

However, Ezekiel 4:9 is Expensive 7:79, chapter and verse!

Whens-day Wednesday: “Library Reference Books” edition

When reference works serve a purpose other than that for which they were created:

“Look it up” and “research” involve different approaches and processes, all depending on your age 🙂

Twos-day Tuesday: “Division of Highways” edition

Two highways diverged on a sunny spring day,

As I drove home from the coast,

And not sorry I could not travel both—

As I wanted to continue my journey homeward—

I did have time to observe that

One was fully divisible by the other, evenly by two,

with a remainder of zero.

And though it made all the difference for the mathematically-minded,

I continued on with a sigh and a smile, for I had

 miles to drive before I could sleep,

miles to drive before I could sleep.

–By Doctor Don, a post-travel homage to Robert Frost:

“The Road Not Taken”

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Monday, Mundane: “Fortune Cookie” edition

It’s been about 22 hours since I finished my Kung Pao lunch, after which I opened my fortune cookie and began pondering:

How will I know the offer when I see it? Is there a statute of limitations on pre-packaged fortunes?

Are said fortunes/offers ever pro-rated?

That is, if I took what I thought was a once-in-a-lifetime offer before I opened this particular fortune cookie, would I already be “charged” for my once-in-a-lifetime offer, or would I be allowed a clean slate for once-in-a-lifetime offers, with the clock starting from the moment I opened the fortune cookie?

And still I ponder…

Friday 4oray: MayDay…

See the sun’s rays on this sunny May day.
See people stare if you shout “Mayday!”
See the students rejoice: “I made an ‘A’.”
See the snow gone, and ask yourself:
“Was this really a May day?”

Fluorescent avian stalactite

From our winter that stubbornly resists a full transition to spring…

Fluorescent avian stalactite

…aka Doctor Don

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