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Moon-day Monday

I took this picture of a January “supermoon” from the front door of my house. The glare from a Christmas string light created what I call a “ghost sun” image. I wish I could say I was creative enough to have planned the effect, but it just happened (though I did play with shutter speed and lens angle). I really like the effect of a simultaneous full moon and “full” midnight sun 😉


The Secret (Yoga) Life of Trees

It’s not a stretch to say that trees practice yoga:

Twizzlers & Fingernails…Yum?

In a previous post, I wrote about what I called “post demarcation,” a term I created for when it’s hard to tell the end of one Instagram post from the beginning of the next one; the results can be varying degrees of humorous.

Well, now it’s time for a variation, this time with Google News. Take a look at the screen capture below. Placed directly above a photo about a man whose fingernails are/were over 350 inches long is a color photo advertisement for “Twizzlers” candy licorice.

In one glance, the viewer will see tasty, twisty, red Twizzlers directly above twisty, brown (hopefully not tasty) fingernails.


Here are some advertising-related possibilities:

  1. The makers of Twizzlers thought it would be hilarious to juxtapose a twisty licorice they’re trying to sell with a picture of twisty fingernails, with no worry or concern about connotations and taste aversion for potential consumers (highly unlikely);

  2. The makers of Twizzlers thought it would it would be hilarious enough to juxtapose the images that readers would appreciate the line “Who says you can’t play with your food?” (somewhat likely);

  3. The advertisement was created for and intentionally/strategically placed to appeal to compulsive nail-biters who are also news consumers (highly unlikely, but remotely possible);

  4. The Twizzlers ad was randomly generated and placed, and it just happened to land near the fingernails story (highly likely).

Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands…and fingers.


Twizzlers & Fingernails

Thisaway Thataway Thursday: “Highway pattern recognition” edition

Here’s a local road/highway sign in my hometown. I’m not a poker player and have never played the game, but here’s what I (think) I see:

  • Two short of a straight flush;

  • Two short of a flush;

  • Three of a kind (in suit, not in number).

Here’s what I see from my daily life & experience:

  • Three highways are PLENTY;

  • “321” wins for “best  countdown number”;

  • I hope we never need or get a “121” and/or a “521”;

  • If we ever do, I’m pretty sure I won’t live to see it (“good” in the sense of “not being around to see overcrowding and ecological damage”; “bad” in the sense of “I’d be dead”).


Warp Speed Wednesday: “floral edition”

Flower power: florally induced light speed vertigo

(real flower, no filters or effects applied)

Twos-day Tuesday: “Bee-havior edition”

Bees for breakfast (bees eating breakfast, I mean, not me eating bees for breakfast; that would bee bad):

Bee Breakfast 1

Bee Breakfast 2




















Monday Musing: “Sign of Aging” edition

If signs could talk: “I’m tired of asking you to stop.”

…aka Doctor Don

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