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Friday 4oray: MayDay…

See the sun’s rays on this sunny May day.
See people stare if you shout “Mayday!”
See the students rejoice: “I made an ‘A’.”
See the snow gone, and ask yourself:
“Was this really a May day?”


Fluorescent avian stalactite

From our winter that stubbornly resists a full transition to spring…

Fluorescent avian stalactite

Ohm[y] kitty alarm clock

“Ohm”: The electrically discharged sound that one makes while in real deep meditation. (Urban Dictionary)

“Omg”: My groggily discharged sound when the kitten is in a non-meditative state at 5:30 a.m. and is electrically discharging very loud meow sounds. (My Dictionary)

Friday Foto Funny: “Hoops” edition

“Winternet access”

March Hair

Well, the “first day of spring” is only days away, but March meteorological madness continues:

March Hare/March Hair, indeed…

Winter MOOd swings

Hope swings eternal for the cows…and us. We get one step closer to spring, and two steps back to winter. Moo.

Hello, kitty haiku…

Cat’s up–she mustered

the energy to relish

being a hot dog.

…aka Doctor Don

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