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Welcome to “Bricolage…by Doctor Don”

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Ready or nobricolage-title-ideast, here I blog…

Welcome to the inaugural post of “Bricolage…by Doctor Don.”  I thought it would make sense for my first post to address the title and my process (so far) for trying to capture who I am and what you’ll find here. At the risk of turning into a dictionary, a few definitions are in order.  All come from my doctoral dissertation:
Bricolage: a nonlinear set of multimodal processes by which [students] adopt and “piece together” from multiple sources to construct meaning.

Multiple modes (modalities): Socially and culturally shaped resources that all of us use to create meaning(s).


I hope my my doctoral dissertation is more than just a one-off academic document.  I really tried to make it reflect who I am and where I come from, the same purpose I have for this blog.


Thinking about a title was an ongoing exercise in brainstorming, word choice, connotations and translation (see picture above).  I wanted “de todos modos” to capture “multiple modalities,” but the Spanish phrase doesn’t translate the English phrase literally and means something quite different.


I am a Virgo, but that went nowhere.  “Subjunctive” works well in several ways (mode, subjectivity) but still seemed a bit too “linguistic.”  I finally went with “bricolage,” which was a key part of my dissertation and really brings together multimodality, multiple interests, and how I (and you) construct knowledge and meaning(s).  (I know that sounds terribly academic; please forgive me.  This will not be an academic site!)


As for the main title, it works (for now, anyway).  Granted, if you say it aloud too  many times, it sounds perhaps a bit too much like a cologne commercial.  (Those at least as old as I am will be reminded of “Brut…by Fabergé.”)  At any rate, as I move forward with my blog and learn and shape its identity and look, that title could change.  We’ll see.
I tried to capture my main interests in the subtitle but had to add “everything” at the end as a catch-all 🙂  My first ideas for a blog title involved a fluctuating (flickering?) acronym:  FLAME.  Look at the subtitle; you’ll see the acronym still holds.  I just thought it a bit too obvious for the main title.


The Cervantes quote on my main page really says it all for me:  “El que lee mucho y anda mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho.”  Here’s a page that will show what it means and possible translations.


“Doctor Don” is more than an affectation or assumed identity.  I earned my Ed.D. three years ago, and I can only assume that the ease of the “D” alliteration lends itself well to nicknames & monikers.  One person began calling me “Doctor Don”..then another, then another.  What can I say?  It caught on.  It was organic.  It works, it fits, I like it.  Así sea.


Looking forward to where this takes me (and you)…


Doctor Don



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