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Monday Meme: procrastination


While on vacation recently, I was sitting on a street bench and got this great shot with a zoom lens.


Monday Meme: equine winter insomnia


Horses in a pasture that borders our back yard.  How many times has this happened to you? 🙂

Monday Meme: The First Doctor


I made this meme for my Doctor Who college class I teach.

Goodbye, yellow-black read…

An appropriately literary farewell: the once mighty and ubiquitous sidekick and Checker Cab to non-readers everywhere is now parked on the clearance shelf…



Doctor Who Halloween costume 2015

Doctor(s) Who costume checklist

I was pretty proud of it, though my office colleagues are so unfamiliar with Doctor Who that I decided to create this visual guide to my costume and the choices I made.  First time I’ve ever had to make such a document–they still didn’t get it :-/

My brainstorming sketch:


Sign anxiety


NC Division of Motor Vehicles remains puzzled by recent plummet of driver’s license renewal test scores…

Bad sign-making decisions


Minutes into the home opener–and after a stream of taunts from the visiting team fans–the home team’s sign committee began to regret their cost-cutting decision to abbreviate single-syllable words…

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