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TARDIS Tuesday: My Doctor Who series 10 Rorschach



I know the authors of this article see only monsters, but I swear I see some Doctors in there!  Here’s what I (think I) spy:


My Doctor Who series 10 Rorschach



Monday Meme: Academy Awards 2017 mailbox


Teaching Is the Greatest…


One of my parents passed away earlier this month.  Pictured above is a homemade sympathy card from one of my students (I teach a college course on Doctor Who:  “Doctor Who:  TARDIS Travels in General Education).

Teaching & advising have their own priceless benefits & rewards…

Whens-day: Chuck Norris edition


  • When you can tell that Chuck’s face has been digitally inserted onto someone else’s body.
  • When you actually have 22.5 free hours (at a guess of 1.5 hours per movie) to binge-watch 15 consecutive Chuck Norris films.
  • When you mistakenly call Chuck Norris movies “films.”

Wednesday Whereabouts: Title the Photo…

Monday Meme: Fork in the Forest


When You Come to a Fork in the Forest…Take It.

Monday Meme: That’s a Wrap

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