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Whens-day Wednesday: GOLF edition

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  • When your hole-in-one becomes one big hole;

  • When your tee time becomes your tea time;

  • When the “drink” becomes a Big Gulp;

  • When “this never happens on the Wii” becomes overused in a hurry;

  • When your mulligan becomes Mulligan Stew;

  • When you contemplate a switch to tennis but realize it doesn’t have mulligans;

  • When golf becomes seething instead of soothing;

  • When you single-handedly increase golf ball sales;

  • When a “fore!” letter word becomes a four-letter *?#!;

  • When you’re glad that “sub-par” isn’t a real golf term;

  • When you’re sad that “sub-par” is a real description of your golf game;

  • When you get an endorsement from the PGA (Pathetic Golfing Association);

  • When it hits you that miniature golf isn’t so bad after all.








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