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Wednesday Words-day: Road trip edition

During a recent drive to Florida and back, I noticed this road sign, which gave me something to think about while driving a LONG time.  I imagined the lexicographical possibilities:

  • “Canadys”:  plural noun, perhaps Deep Southern for “more than one Canada” or “more than one Canadian.”  Examples:  “I didn’t know there were two Canadys.”  Or, “Those Canadys have different ways of playing baseball.


  • “Canadys”:  plural noun, perhaps Deep Southern for references to the Kennedy family.  Example:  “Those Canadys sure were a political bunch.”


  • “Canadys”:  name of a town in South Carolina that I have no idea how to pronounce. 

Memorial Day 2017

I took this picture on a ferry ride two months ago, not realizing how appropriate it would be for today, Memorial Day.

I hope everyone will put aside disagreements today and honor and remember those who gave their lives.  On every contextual level today, actions speak louder than words…


Name Change!

Hola.  I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now, and the time is right for a name change!  “Bricolage” is still central to my thoughts, interests and writing and will now be one of my blog’s categories.

I’m still Doctor Don (always will be :-), but my “Bricolage…by Doctor Don” blog is now called “Doctor Don’s i(n)2it.”

Read the new title over and over several times (also paying attention to the typographical choices & placement), and you should get the idea(s):  into it; intuit; etc:

Doctor Don’s i(n)2it


Doctor Don P.



Roger Moore: A short appreciation

I’m told that he was my generation’s Bond…and I guess that’s true.  Film critic A. O. Scott wrote a great tribute piece on Roger Moore’s iteration of James Bond.

I never have (so far) watched Moore in old episodes of Maverick or The Saint.  I suppose the only role I’ve ever seen him play was that of James Bond.  And, as Scott mentions, we folks who were growing up in the 1970s & early 1980s had plenty of Bond fun to choose from:  Live and Let Die (his first Bond role); The Man with the Golden Gun; The Spy Who Loved Me; and For Your Eyes Only; Octopussy; just to name a few.  (Let’s not mention A View to a Kill.  Every type of film, television or book series has a clinker/clunker.)

The best Roger Moore moment for me is from…ahem…Cannonball Run.  I’ve never forgotten this scene, and it always makes me laugh.  He poked fun at his image and his signature role and obviously had fun doing it:


Thank you, Roger Moore 🙂

Monday Meme: Lighthouse restroom edition

Lighthouse meme

Whens-day Wednesday: Toy Store surprise edition

When you go to the toy store (where LOTS of kids and their parents go to buy toys) and get caught off guard by what you find on the shelf…

When you shake off your disbelief, put the package back on the shelf, and get caught off guard again…

When you shake your head, recover, put the package back on the shelf, and get rendered speechless and overwhelmed with incredulity…in a toy store.

Monday Meme: Multitasking Avenger edition

Multitasking Avenger

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