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Monday Meme: “Stormtrooper” edition

Real picture, real building 🙂


Friday Foto Funny: “Rusty Chain Mail” edition

1. “chain mail” (for those old enough to remember chain letters);

2. “rusty chain mail” (for aging history buffs and out-of-practice fighters in Middle Earth, Narnia, and other such worlds).




Monday Meme: “garbage goals” edition

Monday Meme: “Tarbucks” edition

Real photo I took recently in a major U. S. city. Just the right angle changes what you see/read 🙂

Tarbucks meme

Birdhouse of Illusions: What Do YOU See?

During a walk in my neighborhood last month, I noticed this unusual birdhouse.  Take a look at the picture below; stare at the two wood knots for several seconds, and chances are you’ll see an animal of some sort (or maybe even something else).

Give it a try, and respond to the poll below. What do YOU see?

Monday Meme: “Into the Great Wide Open” edition

Friday Foto: Leaving Lunch

Autumn parking: What happens when you park outside for Sunday lunch, eat, and return outside to a unique and accurate leaf-landing…

Leaving Lunch One Sunday

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