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Chicken Voyeur: A Hitchcock Mash-Up

During a recent visit to the coast, I saw an image that was simultaneously funny, weird, and perhaps a bit disturbing.

Now that I’ve had a couple of months to think about it, here’s what comes to mind:

Answer: Chicken Voyeur.

Question/Riddle: What do you get when you cross Alfred Hitchock’s Rear Window with The Birds?


Throwaway Thursday: Banana Fossil

Banana fossil

If Jurassic Park posits “Dino DNA,” what must the implications be for this casually discarded banana that “stuck” around and eventually became part of the parking lot?

  • Potassium Park?

  • Dinosaurs & Doles?

  • Fruity Pebbles?

  • Dried Banana Sandwich (an Elvis Presley vehicle for the King, newly re-constituted from his DNA)?


Roger Moore: A short appreciation

I’m told that he was my generation’s Bond…and I guess that’s true.  Film critic A. O. Scott wrote a great tribute piece on Roger Moore’s iteration of James Bond.

I never have (so far) watched Moore in old episodes of Maverick or The Saint.  I suppose the only role I’ve ever seen him play was that of James Bond.  And, as Scott mentions, we folks who were growing up in the 1970s & early 1980s had plenty of Bond fun to choose from:  Live and Let Die (his first Bond role); The Man with the Golden Gun; The Spy Who Loved Me; and For Your Eyes Only; Octopussy; just to name a few.  (Let’s not mention A View to a Kill.  Every type of film, television or book series has a clinker/clunker.)

The best Roger Moore moment for me is from…ahem…Cannonball Run.  I’ve never forgotten this scene, and it always makes me laugh.  He poked fun at his image and his signature role and obviously had fun doing it:


Thank you, Roger Moore 🙂

Monday Meme: “Dealing with difficult people” edition

Wednesday Whens-Day: Steven Seagal


  • When you don’t have other binge-watching options;
  • When you actually have 22.5 hours (at a guess of 1.5 hours per movie) to binge-watch 15 consecutive Steven Seagal films.  See also previous Chuck Norris post.
  • When you mistakenly call Steven Seagal movies “films”;
  • When you realize that the average is 33 cents per movie, and you can’t afford even the current $9.70 price for a first-run movie theatre matinee;
  • When you remember that you’re not a Steven Seagal fan because you didn’t know he had made that many movies;
  • When you remember that you are a Steven Seagal fan and still didn’t know he had made that many movies.

TARDIS Tuesday: My Doctor Who series 10 Rorschach



I know the authors of this article see only monsters, but I swear I see some Doctors in there!  Here’s what I (think I) spy:


My Doctor Who series 10 Rorschach


Monday Meme: Academy Awards 2017 mailbox


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