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Winter Olympic ice hockey—kitten edition Yoga tree Micro-metropolis Thickly sliced mountain fog When the highly functional umbrella is expected to over-perform... Dune descending a staircase
(in the style of Marcel Duchamp)

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Halloween 2017: Mondasian Cyberman

Halloween 2017: Mondasian Cyberman






#Twelfth Doctor


Monday Meme: “Into the Great Wide Open” edition

Friday Foto: Leaving Lunch

Autumn parking: What happens when you park outside for Sunday lunch, eat, and return outside to a unique and accurate leaf-landing…

Leaving Lunch One Sunday

Friday Foto Funny: “Pennywise” edition

In a failed early test-market campaign, producers of Stephen King’s “It” try to brand “Pennywise” as a convenience store instead of as a clown.

Monday Meme: “Multiple Attempts” edition

Driving to work, I looked to my right. Just as I saw it 🙂

Monday Meme: “Bug on the Windshield” edition

I was just sitting in the (parked) car, reading my Sunday papers, when I looked up…


Friday Foto: “IN(ter)SECT(ions)” edition

The Concrete Jungle: at the INterSECTion of Nature & Man-made

…aka Doctor Don

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